Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook (FB) a bad investment? Really?

There is a lot of hate about Facebook's stock, and I just don't get it.

Personally, I am not a fan of using Facebook, but that is not FB's fault. I don't like how many people seem to refuse to communicate using any other method. It formed another layer of peer pressure that makes each of us decide whether to conform or confront it--no room for anything in-between.

That's a mark of something that has developed market share, which is precisely the business model that developed from FB.

I keep hearing that FB isn't worth anything, but technology stocks aren't "value" stocks--They're "growth" stocks, and I don't know anything with more growth potential than a communication device used by almost 1 billion people.

FB just got a lot of money, and they have intelligent enough management to know how to use that money--like buying their competition and partners to enhance what they offer.

Their business model is stronger than Google's since they have actual user data. Google (G) has to think like an insurance actuary--just guessing which "types of people" are "likely to type" in certain keywords.

Facebook has actual data. I realize that people "Like" things for all sorts of reasons--discount or peer pressure--that do not relate to buying tendencies. However, they know what gender you are, in which location you're based, and in which location that you're sitting as you're using your computer.

Google+ might be better on a technical level, but Facebook already has grandparents engaged. They aren't jumping to that "new" social media platform.

Facebook is here for a while. Many people tend to be socially motivated to stay on there. They're not going anywhere. So targeted advertising there is the perfect model.

Plus, they have SO much money. Do you think that they're going to go bankrupt anytime soon?

No matter what price you buy this stock today, this stock is going to do nothing but show earnings for years to come.

If you were impressed with Google's rise, just imagine how amazed at how quickly Facebook will rise....and I don't even like Facebook!