Friday, February 11, 2011

Article: The Bull Market is Here to Stay

Here is an article from Yahoo that seemed interesting.

The link to the article is titled, "The Bull Market is Here to Stay."

I don't know how good of a predictor this article really is, but it seems to bring some points that are worth digesting:
  1. Improving Earnings
  2. Shipping Stocks Surge
  3. America is Using Plastic (Credit Cards) Again
  4. Inflation is Rising a Little
  5. Manufacturing is Mending (Somewhat)
  6. Improving Job Market
  7. Rising Stock Prices
  8. Strong 4th Quarter GDP
  9. Improving 2011 GDP Outlook
Even the article admits that you should do your own research, but it seems to provide good footing for someone trying to understand our upcoming economy.

Let's hope that the article is closer to being right than wrong!


  1. #2 any good picks on shipping stocks? How about shipping stock etfs?

  2. Wtf - where r the new posts? Did you quit Mr. Advocate?

  3. Truthfully, I didn't think anyone was reading this blog. So I stopped putting time into making the write-ups.

    I posted a new one today. Thanks for caring.

  4. I'm still learning about shipping stocks. I know that they are starting to gain traction in the news, and a lot of those companies were beat pretty hard, meaning there could be some really good stock prices.

    I'm just not qualified enough to comment on that right now.

    I know nothing about stock ETFs. To date, they have not interested me. That might change in the future. Today is not that day, though. Sorry!