Sunday, August 14, 2011

Buy Low, Sell High, Old Saying, Old Results

Hi, everyone.

I know that it's been a while, but this past week or so was pretty newsworthy. So I finally have something to say.

Nearly everyone has heard the saying, "Buy Low and Sell High."

That seems obvious, doesn't it? I mean, do we really have to tell people this?

YES! We really do!!!


Most people SAY it, but they do not DO it.

Want an example?

The stocks just dropped a TON over the past week-plus. Yes, there were days with really wild UPSWINGS, but overall the market is way lower than it was two weeks ago.

Now that the prices are low, how many of you are BUYING?

I know...I can hear it now...I just want to wait and see how this all washes. The US just lost its top AAA rating from S&P. The dollar is getting weaker. The job situation seems to be getting worse. The country's budget is doomed to failure since they barely made any spending cuts, but they did not raise anyone's taxes.

I know...It's all doom and gloom.

THAT is why the prices are low! Prices are low.

What are we SUPPOSED to do when prices are low?

Buy! We BUY LOW so that we can SELL HIGH.

Hardly anybody I know is buying now, even though the prices are low.

Now is a time to position yourself to get rich.

Warren Buffet reminds us that we need to be greedy when others are fearful.

Others are fearful. It's time to buy low.

If you want to be average, wait until you find--for sure--what is happening.

If you want to get rich, do what the rich do. Buy low!

Everyone "knows" to do it, but very few do. It's time to be one of those few.

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